Skill Development Initiative has gradually developed as a knowledge-based economy due to the abundance of capable, flexible and qualified human capital.l. However, there is a need to further develop and empower the human capital to ensure the country’s global competitiveness. Despite the emphatic stress laid on education and training in this country, in that location is, however, a dearth of skilled men to address the rising demands and demands of the economy. As per the reports published by the planning commission Indian youths are receiving only 10% of the skill training where it is 96% in Korea. As an immediate necessity that has urgently arisen from the current scenario, the government is dedicatedly striving to initiate and achieve formal/informal skill development of the working population via education/vocational training/skill training and other upcoming learning methods. To address the problem of unskilled workforce in the country, IndoGlobal Institute of Supply Chain Management has decided to join hands with the Skilling projects by the Govt. of India. To happen the dream, we hold a wider vision of training 50,000 Indian youths to find the means of subsisting in the coming 5 years. Again, we will be getting in tie-ups with different Govt. agencies like NSDC and other Sector Skill Councils.  IndoGlobal Institute helps to address the enormous gap that exists between skills needed by the Indian Supply Chain Industry and what academia is producing.

Under the skill development initiative, we offer job oriented skill training in Logistics and Supply Chain, Warehousing, Transportation, E-commerce, Accounting and Taxation and other allied disciplines at the different centers located PAN India.