Certified Expert in Warehousing Operations (CEWO)

Certified Expert in Warehousing Operations (CEWO) program aims at honing the skills required for performing warehousing functions. The program has been specifically designed to provide an overall overview of the logistics industry and get to know the functions, processes and detailed activities carried out inside a warehouse. The warehousing sector in logistics is the most sought after as it contributes to approx. 30% of the industry requirement. Organized warehousing is the space where India has a long way to go. The warehousing dynamics change on the global map as processes are more defined, specific and measurable in terms of automation and IT intervention. Companies in India have started realizing the effect of automation on the operational efficiency of warehouses. The program intends to train people on the automation and IT aspect of warehousing.  Warehousing includes many value added services which have been re-defining supply chain. The warehouse processes have been discussed in detail to provide an in-depth understanding of ‘receiving’, ‘put-away’, ‘storage’ and ‘dispatch’ operations.


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12th Pass

Course Duration

Duration of this course will 3 Months

Course Fees

 For detailed information on course fees and prospectus, please contact us on info@scmii.com